Rev Gwen Armshaw Extended Bio

Armshaw, GwenOrdination

Rev Gwen was Appointed a Designated Minister on March 4, 2016. After two years and five months of ministry with the church at that level, and six years previous experience as a Canadian Unitarian Council Chaplain, our Board has decided that her experience ministering, leading in worship, and pastoral care for over eight years, plus the quality of her life’s experience as described in the Church’s Standards of Ministry, is deserving of being moved to the rank of Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. Carried unanimously.

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Rev Gwen is a chaplain in the correctional services and pastor of outreach with special concern for the various earth religion organizations and solitary members on behalf of the Church.

Her years of service is confirmed by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Royal Gazette, in each of her years of long service.

Pastoral Care Activities

“I have enjoyed officiating a number of weddings this year. It is a great joy to be part of such an important event in so many couples lives. There have been simple outdoor ceremonies with friends and close family, large celebrations filled with laughter and children and quiet, meaningful vows witnessed only by the closest of confidants and God.

One such special ceremony, I was privileged to lead, joined a couple whose decades long relationship became particularly poignant as one of the partners battled terminal cancer. Every ceremony, every family is unique, and it is an ongoing wonder to me that I am invited to be a part of them.

My work as a paid chaplain for Correctional Services Canada has expanded to include Springhill Institution, Dorchester Penitentiary and Atlantic Institution, a maximum facility in NB.

Through leading in worship, it is an ongoing blessing to foster healthy relationships among the offenders and guide and counsel them as they work towards creating a stronger connection with the Divine.

I also enjoy ministering to the female population of the Nova Institute, Truro, NS. This year, I have expanded this ministry to include partnership with Halifax Community Chaplaincy in creating an environment of sacred welcoming for offenders as they transition back to society. It is fulfilling and humbling work.”

Study Groups

“In 2017 and 2018, I continued to act as a co-facilitator for a ‘dark moon’ women’s spirituality study group. This group meets monthly and uses the dark moon theme to incorporate self-improvement work with spirituality. The group uses books like Bolen’s: Goddesses in Every Woman to work through Jungian themes.

I have been very blessed over the last couple of years. My husband’s health has steadily improved, allowing me to further my chaplaincy work. My work with Correctional Services Canada gives me great satisfaction. As a minister with of Clergy Support Memorial Church, I appreciate my ability to officiate rites of passage of all kinds. It is an honour to be included in the pivotal moments in people’s lives and very rewarding to be able to craft and deliver a ceremony which reflects their spiritual beliefs.”


Couples and guests have called upon Rev Armshaw for pastoral care time and time again, long after their original wedding day, as a testament to the happiness they first experienced on that most joyous day.


Rev Gwen Armshaw went over and beyond our expectations. We wanted to have the ceremony in the rocks at Peggy’s Cove lighthouse and she climbed up in sandals. She is the sweetest! – Janet & Jill


Reading, crafting and gardening.