Candidates for our Ministry

  1. All requirements for the training of our clergy shall be superseded by the following information on this page and other pages on this blog.
  2. The Office of  Clergy in  Clergy Support Memorial Church (CSMC) shall consist of two categories of clergy. Those who are Ordained and those who are Appointed as Designated Ministers (ADM).
  3. Candidates for the Office of Clergy when accepted may be Appointed to meet specific needs of the Church under the designation Appointed Designated Minister .
  4. An ADM may be assigned exclusively to the ministry of Outreach & Church Growth by conducting Life Celebrations like Funerals, Baptisms and Wedding Ceremonies plus some Pastoral Care.
  5. A lay person may be a candidate to be Appointed a Designated Minister because of their previous life experience. Life experience will include education, giving back to the community,  financial responsibilities, work history and age etc. Life experience in the regard will be treated as analogous to academic training.
  6. Continuing Education. All Candidates will give CSMC an undertaking that they shall pursue a course of study to improve their Ministerial skills on a continuing basis once accepted into the Ministry.
  7. Such continuing education programs will be available for review by the Governing official at his/her pleasure.
  8. All candidates Ordained by, and in good standing with, another Religious Body may present their ministerial credentials to CSMC for possible recognition. If accepted, their Ordination may be recognized and they may be added to our roll as Ordained Ministers. (Incardinated).
  9. The duty of inquiry into the personal character, doctrinal beliefs, and general fitness for ministry of all candidates shall be laid upon the Chief Governing official of the Church or his/her delegate.
  10. The Ordained or Appointed Designated Minister shall be open to all persons no matter their gender or sexual orientation.
  11. The Privacy of each candidate shall be protected by the Privacy Act.
  12. Each successful candidate may be nominated to the respective Provincial authorities to be registered to solemnize marriage in their Province of residence and service. This nomination will be at the discretion of the Chief Governing Official.
  13. Any minister who, upon review, is deemed not qualified to minister according to the rites and usages of the Church may be removed from the roll by the Chief Governing Official or his/her delegate and the respective Provincial Government notified.
  14. All such actions may be reviewed upon the request for an appeal to the Church Board by the minister removed. The Board’s decision is final. [End].