Rev Leanna MacLeod

Rev Leanna’s Ministerial experience, qualifications, and ministry activities are outlined as follows:


Rev MacLeod has served Clergy Support Memorial Church as an Appointed Designated Minister for over three years (since May, 2016). Since that date, her ministry has been exemplary. Before coming to CSMC she has had a long and distinguished ministry to the local Truro and First Nations communities. Because of this long service and her years of ministry with CSMC , the Board approved a motion that Lenna be raised to the Ordained Christian Ministry on August 1st, 2018.

As an Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church . Leanna has a wide and important ministry with the Church:

She is a Minister of Outreach & Church Growth Via:
A  part of her ministry is conducting weddings for non church and Indigenous folk hoping to add them to the Fellowship.
In addition to this I also invest my time in:
Bereavement Care Ministry. (Pastoral Care).
Counselling Ministry (Family, Marriage, Prison.)
Recovery Ministry (12 Steps, Addiction works).
Ministry to the LGBTQ+ Community

Her First Nations Theology.

“I am a First Nation woman and a member of the Indian Brook First Nation. I offer and practice our First Nations Spirituality, Culture and Traditions and offer the same to those who request smudging and sacred water rituals etc.

I feel I am qualified, I love the Creator and I try to live my life being kind, compassionate to all people regardless of where they come from, their race, age, sexual orientation etc. I believe, and practice “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I have been told that I am a “Healer” I love to help all peoples any way I can.

Throughout many years, I have assisted individuals, families and communities through difficult times of grief and loss, through prayer service, visiting friends and family at the hospital and at their home who were preparing to journey to the spirit world.”

My present pastoral ministry and worship is as follows:

  • As above, I am educated in First Nations Culture and Teachings.
  • AS such, I have offered prayer, talking/Healing circles where prayers to the Creator are a daily practice at work and at home and most recently at the Success College in Sackville, Nova Scotia where I upgraded my counselling skills. I received my Social/Human Services-Counselling Diploma in August 2016.
  • I have 20 plus years as a counsellor. In that regard:
  • I am a certified Addiction Counsellor.
  • I am a certified Correctional Worker.
  • I am a certified Personal Care Worker which allows me to minister as a caregiver with Seniors.

My Life Celebration ceremonies are all Christian ceremonies (wrapped in some First Nations spirituality), and follow the Marriage Act of Nova Scotia..

Educational Achievements

Graduate :’The Canadian Ministers Institute Jan 12 2016. Also in 2016, I graduated from the Counselling Skills-Social/Human Services Program at Success College. I have applied for, and been accepted into, the Bachelor of Arts Community Studies – Psychology program beginning in September 2018 at Cape Breton University. (At a earlier point in my life I was not able to complete my studies as a result of the tragic loss of my mom, who was murdered).

Recovery Prison Ministry. I minister with a “Nova Kindness and 16 steps to Discovery and Empowerment” with women offenders at the Nova Institution for Women. Please click her for the 16 Steps to Discovery and Empowerment by Dr. Charlotte Kasl.

Qualifications and Highlights

  • Earned CCPC Addiction Counsellor II (CACII) Certification.
  • CACCF Member.
  • Knowledgeable in Indigenous Culture and Traditions.
  • Designed, developed and delivered a five week Aboriginal Wellness for Addictions Women’s Program.
  • Wedding Celebrant- Licensed with the Province of Nova Scotia.

Examples of Pastoral Care Ministry

  • Aboriginal Culture Educator 2015 – Success College
  • Indian Brook Health Centre – Traditional Teaching (Children) – 2012
  • Community Addiction Educator – 2008 – Present
  • Organized/Plan/Fundraised for Gathering- September 21 & 22, 2008 “Let’s Talk” Honouring Survivors of Shubenacadie Indian Residential Schools Survivors.
  • Organize/Plan Events and Gathering- June 11, 2008 Canadian Government “Apology” Shubenacadie Indian Residential School Survivors Walk & Gathering.
  • Nova Institution for Women – Assisted women with Parole Board Hearing, community re-integration, employment, education, shelter etc.
  • Nova Institution for Women – Indigenous Women’s Wellness Program 2016- Present
  • Birthing Coach- Help women to prepare for arrival of baby, assist and support them through childbirth, delivery etc. – 1987 – Present

Other Educational Highlights

Success College, Nova Scotia
Counselling Skills – Social/Human Services, March 2015 – August 2016
(Diploma – High Honours/Awards)Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia
BA – Distance Education, September 2008 (incomplete due to family tragedy)
(3 Credits)

Nova Scotia Community College, Truro, Nova Scotia
Personal Care Worker Program, October 1999 – February 2000

Nova Scotia Community College, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Correctional Worker Program, September 1995 – June 1996

Nova Scotia Community College, Truro, Nova Scotia
Academic Level IV, September 1994- June 1995


  • A Certificate of Achievement – Highest Attendance in the Counselling Skills- Social/Human Services Program.
  • Award of Excellence – In Honour of outstanding performance and dedication – recognition for highest aggregate in the Counselling skills-Social/Human Services Program.