Rev Elizabeth Gaal


Rev Elizabeth was accepted as an Appointed Designated Minister of Life Celebrations on July 22nd, 2016.

In addition, she has a Ministry to parts of the New Age communities. She is a graduate of the Canadian Ministers Institute and will continue studying there after Appointment.


Because of her extensive training and practical experience, Elizabeth has been appointed a liaison to the New Age Movement as our representative, in addition to performing Life Celebrations.

“I always had a strong spiritual side and, as a seeker, I explored many religions/churches and wasn’t comfortable with a lot of what I saw or experienced. This led me to other Spiritual Communities such as Reiki, Emissaries of Divine Light, Yoga and Native American. Being a student in “The Course of Miracles”, I lived in a spiritual community in Ontario for a while, which was a great spiritual community experience. I would sometimes do Sunday Worship services. I would also sometimes bring the message at the Unity Church in Etobicoke, Ontario.”

Personal Growth and Study

“I feel my ministry started within my family as a young girl – being with my grandmother in the nursing home as she had a difficult ending to her life, then being with my grandfather on his last days in the hospital. I have always felt comfortable being around people nearing the end of their life. This continued later in life with my mother as she was given six months to live and then died from cancer at an early age, and last year my father passed at 76 years old. He was in the hospital after a stroke/heart attack and I was with him until the end.”

Mission Statement and Intention

To always hold a safe and sacred space for people to be heard, witnessed and offer gentle guidance when appropriate.

Continuing Training with Other Institutions

The following are a few examples of Rev Elizabeth’s extended, continuing training over the past years.

  • The Hope System – Completed Training, Healing Cumulative Grief, for Grief Counselling
  • Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry – Completed Training in The Therapeutic Spiral Model (learning to provide a safe place to consciously re-experience unprocessed trauma and bring hope of new possibilities to people whose lives and families have been impacted by overwhelming trauma).
  • The Kripalu Center for Health is a non-profit organization in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Its 160,000-square-foot facility is a former Jesuit novitiate and juniorate seminary built in 1957. Over the past 25+ years, Rev Elizabeth has studied massage, meditation, energy healing, yoga and spirituality.
  • Himalayan Institute of Science and Philosophy has headquarters located in Pennsylvania and is an international non-profit organization. The Himalayan Institute has a number of humanitarian projects underway in different areas of the world. Rev Elizabeth studied Advanced Teachings of  Meditation and Spirituality and she continues to study with this Institute.
  • Emmisaries of Divine Light – Rev Elizabeth trained in Attunement Therapy, Spiritual Healing and Connection, as well as living with this Spiritual Community for a while. Introduced to and a student of The Course in Miracles.
  • Amrit Institute, based in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. Rev Elizabeth studied and received her Masters in Reiki Spiritual Healing here.
  • National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists – Life Coach Training and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Dr. Y. Oswald.
  • Psycodramatic Bodywork – Competed Training.
  • Jon Kabat Zinn – Completed the Training in Meditation for Health.


Rev Elizabeth love the outdoors and being in nature: walking, biking, swimming, canoeing, snowshoeing, x-country skiing, bird watching, campfires by the ocean and watching sunsets and sunrises. She also enjoys going to live music concerts and theatre, spending time with like-minded friends and family, meeting new people and learning all the time whatever is presented to me in the moment.

Spiritual Healing, Wellness and Connection Ministry

Rev Elizabeth believes spirituality is inclusive – not exclusive – so in her Ministry, she has been given the opportunity to access people of any faith as well as people who wouldn’t generally go to church but still have a longing for connecting to something greater than the limitations of the mind.

“Pastoral Care Sessions are pretty much referrals from word of mouth through acquaintances, clients and students. In the early 2000s, I worked and volunteered at Wellspring, a Cancer Support Place for patients and caregivers. I offered classes and Reiki which both included talking and listening to people who are dealing with ‘heavy’ situations in their lives.”

Some Examples of Pastoral Care

  • I recently spent time with a couple in which the husband had been diagnosed with cancer. I spent time with them both to do pastoral care during his illness as well as after he passed away, spending time with his widow.
  • I spent time with a young girl feeling sad, lonely and depressed. She wanted to talk with me about the bigger questions in life.
  • I had sessions talking with a woman whose mom was dying with cancer, both through this process as well as after her mother had passed.
  • A woman who is a cancer survivor, wanted to spend time speaking with me about spirituality and wellness.
  • A private request from a man’s daughter, asking me to visit her elderly father in a nursing home. I had weekly sessions with him until he passed.
  • I was asked to visit a man dying with AIDS.
  • More recently, at my planning meetings with wedding couples. I always have the intention of holding a safe and sacred space in all my interactions.

Some Examples

  • An older widow getting married to the love of her life and her children were not happy about her remarrying. I had several conversations with her, mostly listening while she went through her thought process and feelings around this, offering guidance when appropriate.
  • A few times now during planning meetings, the couple tell me about how their mother/father/close friend has recently passed away and how sad and upset they are that they won’t be present at their wedding. I listen and offer suggestions on how we can honour and include them in the ceremony.
  • Another situation is when family members who are alive but not well enough to travel to the ceremony and finding a way to acknowledge them and include them in the couple’s special day somehow, is key.