Performing Weddings in NS

Becoming a candidate to solemnize wedding ceremonies:

Who can perform wedding ceremonies in the Province of Nova Scotia? Marriage may be solemnized by a Civil or Religious Official. Everyone credentialled by the religious body – Clergy Support Memorial Church (CSMC) is a religious official (Clergy).

Religious Marriage

A religious marriage is performed by a religious representative official (Clergy) of a recognized religious body like CSMC who has received authorization from the Office of Vital Statistics to perform marriages in Nova Scotia under the Marriage Act. The marriage can be solemnized under the authority of a marriage license, depending on the religious body.

Civil Marriage

In Nova Scotia, a Judge or an administrative Justice of the Peace may perform a marriage under the authority of a marriage license. These are not our rules, they are the rules of the Province of NS. Most people who wish to perform weddings are not interested in becoming a judge or cannot become an administrative JP.

The other option is to be a clergy. In order to qualify as clergy, a person must be a member, get Ordained or Appointed, and take all necessary training with a government recognized religious body like CSMC.

Every denomination must fulfill the requirements of the Marriage Act to qualify as a recognized religious body. They are required to submit bylaws, rules and many written statements to Vital Statistics in order to qualify for denominational status. Every denomination, like CSMC, is obligated to abide by their bylaws or risk losing status.

CSMC is committed to proper training, legitimate certification and investing in the lives of people who have passion and giftedness for performing Marriages in Nova Scotia.

Please know that this means abiding by all government and denominational standards. We cannot bend the rules and we certainly will not break the rules to see people licensed. If you are a church member and willing to take all the steps necessary, according to the standards of CSMC and the Province of Nova Scotia and commit to ongoing accountability and training then you can be considered as a candidate to become a Clergy with Clergy Support Memorial Church.


Please Read the Marriage Act: Solemnization of Marriage Act – Nova Scotia Legislature