Performing a Wedding Ceremony

Training Reminder Tips

Remember Wedding ceremonies are memory makers. Reading a ceremony is one thing but making it into a great memory is another thing. The skill is to help make the couples experience a forever experience!

Some of the best ways to ensure that a ceremony will go well, is to cover the following in the planning meeting & the ceremony.(In no particular order):

  • At the planning meeting, make sure you go over the marriage license in great detail.
  • Make sure the couple knows you are a clergy. Perhaps show your credentials.
  • Make sure you have the date and time correct. Make sure they know these two details are chiseled in stone unless they contact you.
  • Make sure you tell the couple how & when they can get a marriage certificate after the ceremony.
  • Make sure to make any announcements the couple asks you to make (e.g. no pictures are to be taken during the ceremony). Sometimes the best man will fulfill this role.
  • Alternatively, suggest that the couple post a cute little sign asking that no pictures be taken or cell phones used.
  • Discuss the sound setup at the venue. Will a mike be provided? Make sure guests in the back rows can hear you.
  • At the ceremony. When the music starts, make sure the guests know when to rise. (A swooping hand motion works well).
  • Never ever ‘get caught’ looking at your watch. Remember its probably on camera.
  • If they are entering  down the aisle too quickly, consider giving them the slow down sign. People want pictures.
  • Once the couple are both standing in front of you, motion for the guests to be seated.
  • Go slow. Feed the couple their vows a few words at the time. (Tell them this at the planning meeting).
  • Make sure you have tissues ready at the vows! Tears mean SUCCESS.
  • During the signing, quietly instruct the couple and witnesses  on where to sign then get out of the way for photos.
  • When the signing is done, return to centre stage with the couple to make the declaration. Lead the applause and SMILE.
  • Hold the bridal party back until the couple are well down the aisle. Space them out. Tell them to go slowly. The celebrant should always be the last person to move down the aisle.
  • Never head for your car till after you have shaken hands with the bride and groom, plus the parents, after the ceremony. Just break into the head of any line and stick out your hand. LOL
  • As you leave figuratively, pat your self on the back for such a great job, and watch those referrals roll in!